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2013 Minutes

Wednesday October 9, 2013 at 6:30pm

Board members present: Abe/ Treasurer; Andrew President; Barbara/ members at large & Jude.

Management: Mike

Meeting entirely devoted to continuing flood damage mitigation

-Roof was inspected by contractor and mold expert. No mold was found, and leaks are scheduled to be repaired in the coming week.

-Mold expert (mycologist), in addition to the roof, inspected basement, crawlspaces, and multiple units. No mold was found. :) Additional fans have been placed to continue drying out the crawlspaces. Periodic inspection for mold will continue until the risk of development is deemed to be zero. Mike will also check on the possibility of getting some form of certification that the complex is free of mold and risk of mold development.

-Homepro is assessing repair costs throughout the complex in the coming week.

-Cost of basement draining and cleanup was a whopping $168k. Mike disputed the total as excessive and got it reduced to a more reasonable $88k. We are now working with insurance to increase our claim to cover that expense.

-Fair Energy has inspected zone valves and monitoring hardware for the individual units' heating control. All but one were in good operating condition.

Wednesday April 18th, 2013 at 6:30pm

Board members present: Abe/ Treasurer; Valerie /Secretary; Andrew President; Barbara/ members at large & Jude.

Management: Mike

Homeowner Forum

By laws the covenants needs to be revised and to be in line with Colorado laws.

Meeting called to order at 6.41pm

February minutes approved. Abe motioned, Andrew seconded.

Treasurer's report:

We are still good with payment and reserve.

Old business:

- The boiler still makes some noise but the work on it has been done. We'll be checking if everything is alright.

-Don’t forget to spring out your patios, they need to be clean and tidy.

New Business

Hidman.Sanchez gave us a quote of $6900 to revise all our HOA documents, motion has been carried and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6.59 pm.

Next meeting will be held in Hallway 4 Wednesday 15th of May 2013.

Wednesday March13th, 2013 at 6:30pm

Board members present: Abe/ Treasurer; Valerie /Secretary; Andrew President;

Barbara/ members at large.

Management: Mike

Meeting called to order at 6.35pm

Homeowner Forum

It would be nice to have a grass area with a picnic table next to bike area.

Meeting called to order at 6.41pm

February minutes approved. Abe motioned, Andrew seconded.

Treasurer's report:

- We have 100k in the bank therefore already enough for the insurance

Old business:

- The basement is clear, everything looks good.

-We might not be qualified for any energy rebate as nothing can really be done  in our common area to be more  energy efficient. Each home owner can inquire personally for his unit.

-The roof estimate are coming this week.

New business

-The North side ice and gutter will be taken care off.

-The door problem has been fixed as well as the noise in the washer.

-The attorney would be here to talk about the Association documents on April 17th at our next meeting at  6.30pm. 

Meeting adjourned at 7.06 pm.

Wednesday  February13th , 2012 at 7:00pm
Board members present: Abe/ Treasurer; Valerie /Secretary : Andrew Vice-president
Barbara and Bridgid/ members at large, Jude Herr.
Management: Mike
Meeting called to order at 7.04pm
Homeowner Forum
-One condo in F is on the Market
- Amy in 10 A wants more security and locks because of the homeless people. We cannot put any locking system as it is inconvenient to manage and we don't have any electrical in the building.
- Boiler problem, making noise needs to be fixed. We need to know more about the problem because we’d like it  to be properly fixed. We’ll ask for a long-term solution and how many time have they fixed it.
Treasurer's report:
- Treasure:  46K in OP, 50K, 40K in reserve
New and old business:
- November minutes approved -Andrew motioned, Abe second, all approved.
- Energy consultant will come, this is still in process.
- It may be possible to put individuals water meter for 5$ /month. This is an open discussion but we are not in favor for the moment.
- There are still things in the basement that need to be put away.
- Black Roofing was here to assess what we would need in maintenance for the roof, the bid is coming.
-The dog waste issue has been sorted out. Please remember to be polite 
- The landscape contract is approved, Abe motioned, Andrew seconded, all approved.
Meeting adjourned at 7.41 pm.
Next meeting is Wednesday March 13th at 6.30pm in hallway 4. 

ANNUAL MEETING - Wednesday January 9th, 20113 at 7:00pm
Management: Mike
11 attendees for the Annual meeting including board members
Barry ross E9
Barb KuljuD15/Member at large
Roy &Barb pringle E21
Bridgid monarty H23 Member at large
Judith Herr C13
Debbie Sander F20
Joel Love C14
Rachel Uris D7 /President
Amy lowell A10
Andrew Eppler H24 / Vice -president
Abbe lee I25 /Treasurer
Valerie Brotelande J28 / Secretary
Meeting called to order at 7.00pm
President‘s report: nothing to report
Treasurer's report:
- The insurance & roof are still the biggest expenses we have.
- We could start the major project repairs if we needed without increasing HOA.
- We had $5000 reduction in our insurance bill due to the new flood map.
The Board is looking at all the changes in the flood map evolution and follows up ..
- We have $80.000 in Reserve
Our big expenses are:
1-the Roof which will need to be done at some point,
2-the landscaping and the mulch which need to be improved.
3-the pool maintenance and refinished
4-we also need to make a larger and nicer facility for bikes
5-indoor painting is fine for the moment
The winter was good and the expenses less therefore we are $20,000 under budget for 2012.  
Board vote& volunteer:
Abe might leave next year or next and the board would need a treasurer then.
Rachel is resigning from the presidency of the board and from the board.
The other board members are volunteering again. Jude motions, Andrew 2nd , all approved.
All business
-Chemicals use in landscaping is a concern for everybody and we did not use any chemicals this year, we only used no-toxic approved by Boulder when it looked too bad and also only on rocks.
Organic products are five times more expensive and pulling manually is a too long and hard work to do.
We are planning to keep that plan for next year.
-The north door in G and A don't close and will be look at it to be fix
-30 days from Monday Basement will be cleaned up completely.
Bikes are ok, Fire hazard coming soon and we’ll let everybody knows
Meeting adjourned at 7.29 pm.
Next meeting will be Wednesday February 13th at 7pm in hallway 4.