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2011 Minutes

Annual Meeting: Wednesday December 14th, 2011 at 7:00pm
Meeting called to order at 7.05 pm
Board members present: Rachel (D7)/ President, Andrew (H24)/vice-president, Abe (I25)/ Treasurer, Valerie (J28) /Secretary.
Barbara (D15) and Bridge t(H23) members at large.
Members present today were Lorna (J27), Sharon (I26), Deborah and Barry Ross (E9), Debbie(..)., Joe (C14)
Management: Mike and  
Treasurer’s report
-Our savings doubled since the beginning of the year in CD.
-We have $20000 in Reserve.
- We are building reserve for the roof and we already have founds for half of the roof, but it doesn’t need to be replace yet. The quote was of $125, 0000.
-See December treasury report for details.
Management report
-2011 has been a good year for our HOA, no big issues or expenses. Management get 1 or 2 calls a day.
-The landscaping has moved along, we got rid of the Juniper and the trees are fine.
-We are not using toxic pesticide in our landscaping; they are approved by the City of Boulder but they are none the less chemicals.
-Sharon brought up her concern about toxic and chemical products used in our landscaping. She had done a great research on green products and wants to involve everybody in using them personally.
-We approved to go as green as we can. We’ll star to switch to green ice melt that would be better for all our pets.
-Weeds are so difficult to get rid of…Pulling them, pouring boiled salty water helps a lot.
If you have some pasta water to spare, do not hesitate to throw it away on any weeds!
-There is no foreclosure in the complex and the units are selling well.
- The assessment for the flood insurance cannot be done yet as the City of Boulder hasn’t finished the project.
Old business:
-We switch with American Family for the Flood insurance as they were more flexible and affordable, but still Flood insurance stay our big expense!
-We cannot change the plumbing for the complex just repair it. The boiling system is inspected twice a year. One system is 6 years old and the other one is 14 years old.
-The solar panels don’t work and are not up to date and code. It would be really expansive to get them fix, replaced or even removed.  We have more urgent expenses to come…The Roof again!
New Business:
- A quote of $2300 to fix the slab cement in the A corner has been approved.
- All members of the Board have been Re-Nominated!
-Approval of October minutes.
-There hasn’t been a meeting in November as not enough members were presents, but everything was fine.
Homeowners Corner:
-The meetings are always held every second Wednesdays of each month.
-The timer in hallways needs to be switch on in winter time.
-Without the Juniper our condos are the best!
-Rachel really wants a hot tub! She still thinks hot tub again.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.
Next meeting will be Wednesday January 11th at 7pm hallway 4.

Wednesday October 12th, 2011
Meeting called to order at 7:08pm
Board members present: Rachel/ President, Andrew/vice-president, Abe/ Treasurer, and Bridget member at large.
Management: Mike
Homeowners Forum:
-Barb: loose knobs on passageway doors, pothole by parking space.
Approval of September minutes
Old Business:
-Cockroaches: not feasible to do it building wide, encouraged Rachael to coordinate with adjacent units. Mike will have pest control evaluate the region under her unit.
-Juniper stump replacement planning is in bidding stage.
-Parking lot repair estimate $1200. Unanimous approval to proceed with patching.
New Business:
-Annual meeting set for second Tuesday in December
-New budget, under budget for 2011, no planned dues increase, unanimously approved
-Mike investigating new flood insurance carriers
Meeting adjourned 7:54



Wednesday September 14th, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7pm
Board members present: Rachel/ President,Andrew/vice-president, Abee/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary
Barbara and Bridget members at large.
Management: Mike
Treasurer’s report
-Operating account balance: $20000
-Reserve balance: $30000 and $20000 in safe.
- Two signatures (Abee and Rachel) for checks and three( Abee, Rachel and Mike) for withdrawals.
Management report
-Light in Hallways should stay on all night as a safety matter. The motion lights are too expensive.
-Our website files are now on google.docs.
Old business:
-The Junipers in front door C have been replaced by new bed plants. We are waiting for an estimate to
fill them in.
-The roof leak has been repaired.
- The estimate of $8000 for expanding the bike rack has been rejected by the board.
New Business:
- We have cockroaches in all buildings and we are waiting for an estimate to treat all of them. Details should be given on the next board meeting.
-Rachel asked for a hot tub but the request has been denied.
-Welcome to Rachel as our new board president, Andrew as our new vice-president and Bridget as our new member of the board.
-Approval of August minutes
Meeting adjourned at 7.45pm.

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M.
Members present: Lorna, Abe, Rachel (Valerie absent)
Homeowners present: Brigid
Homeowners Forum: The Board welcomed Brigid as a new homeowner.
Lorna asked about the abandoned couch on Alpine; Mike said he would have it
hauled away for $125. Abe asked Mike for clarification about mud jacking the
concrete on the east entrance to his condo to avoid rainwater infiltration. Mike
said that he would ask a concrete specialist. Rachel asked if the HOA could provide
wireless Internet for residents and Abe explained why it is unfeasible. Abe
requested approval for a personal party in the courtyard on August 20 which the
Board approved, so long as he posts notices of this in the building hallways. Rachel
asked that garden plot availability be announced in the fall, rather than in spring in
order to be able to plant fall crops that will over-winter.
President’s Report: Lorna relinquished her position of President for scheduling
reasons. It was motioned, seconded, and approved that Brigid will be the Board’s
new Member-at-Large, and that Rachel will be the Board’s new Vice-President.
Treasurer’s Report: Flood insurance due soon-$30,000. The funds are already
available. Abe provided Mike with information from Flood Relief Specialist
regarding map amendments that could lead to a reduction in cost of flood insurance.
Management Report: Mike has ordered a new “No Diving Allowed” sign for the pool
area to replace the old one that has faded. The Board agreed to have several trees
trimmed by Colorado Tree Care. Mike reported that the new owners of Unit 24-
H would like to enlarge the A/C opening on their north wall in order to create a
new window. The Board members insisted that all formalities (structural report,
permits, drawings, etc.) be completed before being brought to the Board for possible
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Wednesday June 8th, 2011 at 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7pm
Board members present: Lorna/ President, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary
Barbara and Rachel
Management: Mike
Meeting to Order: approval of May minutes
President’s report
Our board president Lorna has introduced our new member “at Large “Rachel Uris. Welcome Rachel!
Treasurer’s report
-Operating account balance: $19,805.63

-Reserve balance: $36996.60 and -$1688.62 with posted escrow insurance due in October

Management report

-$3150 has been paid for the leak repairs on/next to G21.

-Mike will contact the city about the sandbox standing in front of hallway on Alpine Avenue

Old business:

-The Board approved Rachel Uris as our liaison garden. Thank you Rachel for fulfilling this position and looking after our landscaping!

-The garden plots are full at that time. If anyone wants some parsnips, Rachel is taking some off, so just ask her!

-We’ll be asking a new quote for a bigger bicycle rack to build in only one space. To be followed.

New Business:

- H&M quote for repairs to A, B, C and D, including zone valves (5), repair control wires, backflow preventer, a leak repair . The quote of $1913.18 has been approved by the board in May and the work will be soon starting.

-H23 will be renovated. We are waiting for the final plan to approve.

Meeting adjourned at 7.45pm

Wednesday May 11th, 2011 at 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7pm

Board members present: Lorna/ President, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary

Beverley & Barbara

Bob Peck

Management: Mike

Meeting to Order: approval of April minutes

Old business:

-We are still waiting for the quotes from H&M with things to be done now and overtime is still to come. The noises that come from the pipe are due to the need to be purged.

-Big leak on G21 that spread.

-Gates are repaired, doors are fixed and painted

-We are still in the 100 years flood plan, this has not changed yet

New Business:

-Bob Peck is selling his condo, bye Bob! Hello to Amy Lowell.

-Timer in Hallway E is on and Abee proposed to adjust all the Light timers in Hallways.

Thank you so much Abee!

-The Pool should open for Memorial week-end.

-The plot garden are starting to be worked on .

Treasurer's report:

-We are still building reserve.

Meeting adjourned at 7.35pm.

Wednesday April 13th, 2011 at 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7pm

Board members present: Lorna/ President, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary

Beverley & Barbara

Management: Mike

Meeting to Order: approval of March minutes

Old business:

-Insurance quote has been approved therefore we are changing of providers. The Management will post
the contract online.

-The trees are fine and don’t need trimming except for the one in Entry D that needs a big cut.

-The quote to clean the gathers ($390) has been accepted by the board.

-The quote from H&M with things to be done now and overtime is still to come.

New Business:

-The ramp railing in stairs D is loose and will be repaired

-Beverley pointed out that we need green paint for the main entry doors and that we need lights in F.

-2 gates are loose and need to be fixed.

-Everyone can start using the garden plots.

-As asked the owner occupancy at today’s date is 21 to 17 rented equals 55, 2%.

-There has been a leak in 30F which provoked some damages to the floor and walls and pipes in the
common area. Work is in progress.

-A gas leak in the pool house has been reported, the plumber is coming to check it.

Treasurer's report:

-The Escrow balance is covered and we are only in April.

- $10000 is to be transferred to Reserve Fund Account.

Meeting adjourned at 7.35pm.

Wednesday March 9th, 2010 at 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Board members present: Lorna/ President, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary

Management: Mike

Meeting to Order: approval of February minutes

Treasurer's report:
- No change from last month, on track for bills

- Current balance $24000

- $10000 is to be transferred to Reserve Fund Account.

Management Report:

-H&M shall give us an estimate for the 2 issues on the boiler system. A zone valve in Building 4 needs work and we might need to replace all high vents and secure all wires too.

-There was some noise coming from the closet in building 4 that has been resolved by replacing batteries.

-Mike is still following- up on the Trees trimming in front the building.

Meeting adjourned at 7.30pm.

Wednesday February 9th, 2011 at 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Board members present: Lorna/ President, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary, Beverly/ Member

Management: Mike

Meeting to Order: approval of January minutes

Treasurer's report:

- On track for paying bills

- $1000 might be transferred to Reserve Fund Account.

- We have a negative balance due to the insurance escrow that we have to pay in advance.

Management Report:

-We‘ll have an estimate on trees trimming as soon as the weather is better.

-The biddings from new insurances are coming soon. They will come around to look at our buildings in the following weeks.

-Good news on the boiling system, we had fewer repairs than last year.

-And, we greatly thank Beverly for taking care of the salt and bucket.

Meeting adjourned at 7.20pm.

Wednesday January 12th, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Board members present: Lorna/ President, David/ Vice-president, Abe/ Treasurer, Valerie /Secretary, Beverly/ Member

Management: Mike

Meeting to Order: approval of November minutes

President's report: None

Treasurer's report:
- On track for paying bills

- $8000 is to be transferred to Reserve Fund Account

-Also, Abe suggested a transfer of $9650.45 to Capital Improvement from the Reserve Funds Account. Motion has been agreed.

-Abe proposed to manage the website for $350 a year. Motion has been agreed.

Management Report:

-Might need more salt in the entries buckets to de-ice the passage ways.

-Apartment I25 with water–draining issues. Any water from rain or melting goes toward I25. Mike proposed to look for a quote and a solution to level the concrete. To be followed.

-Storage room doesn’t need to be de-cluttered for the moment as there isn’t any hazardous product. We shall do it as per the fire district request when the inspection comes.

-the request to change our landscaping contractor has been denied as the Board finds the landscaping company does a good job maintaining the ground for a reasonable price. Any quote are welcome.

-Our insurance with Travelers is to be renewed the 19th. Due to an increase of 2% of the Condominiums price for the Wind liabilities, Mike will inquire for estimates. We are planning to switch insurance to reduce that increase. To be followed.

Meeting adjourned at 7.40pm.