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2010 Minutes

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7:00pm
Steve Bein called meeting to order
Board Members present:
Steve Bein, Abe Lee, and Judith Herr
-Steve will change smoke alarm 12v battery in building of lobby C.
- Abe brought up issue of signing checks in a timely manner
- Mike would like access to the bank statements online so that he can balance the accounts.
- Abe will email bank statements to Mike.
- Abe will transfer $5000 from reserve account to checking account to cover expenses.
President's report: none
Treasurer's report: none
Management report:
A. Door locks: $30,000 estimate to secure the building
-At this point, the board decided that to secure the building is not in the budget
B. Laundry room cleaning bid: $84/vent = $840 total to clean dryer vents
Mike will call for another bid.
C. Exterior Painting:
-cleanup detail is not finished, Mike will call painter again.
D. Garden:
-Jude will check with Julie Post regarding what the garden committee has come up with.
E. Arthur Moss requested a 2nd handrail for his stairwell.
F. H&M boiler recommends: copper heat exchangers cleaned every 5 years. $587/boiler x 2 boilers.
-The board agreed to have the heat exchangers cleaned by H&M.
G. Cutting Edge Landscape contract bid
-The bid is the same as last year so the board approved the 2010 contract.
H. Laundry floor vibrates with front loader washers. Tracks and padding have been tried. No further action taken at
this time.
I. Weatherization grant for multi-unit housing: Mike has begun the process and will be contacted in March 2010.
-Xcel rebate denied.
J. Hot water tank situation was corrected in building E.
A. Baby furniture in hallway in building H. Mike will contact "Peta" to remove furniture from hallway.
B. Ladder outside will be put in basement storage area.
C. Composting bins? Mike will survey the complex for interest and call Western Disposal for estimate.

March 2010 at 7:00pm
Treasurer's Report:
1. Money needs to be transfered for insurance escrow
2. Minimum $1000/month should go to Reserve account
3. Abe will check with 1st Bank regarding best interest rate to get on Reserve account and Capital Improvements CD.
Manager's Report: Old Business and New Business
1. Monster Vac is $79 each for laundry vents x 10 vents - recommend waiting to get dryer vents cleaned until at least next month.
2. Do we still want formal Pet Registration letters? Yes, just to keep track and if something does come up with anyone's pet.
3. Toilet leak issues reported to manager - damage resulted - who's responsible
4. Broken window issue discussed.
5. Hot water issues in several units.
6. Need batteries and light bulbs in several buildings, timer in building C reset. Steve will take care of bulbs and batteries.
7. Need more de-icing salt on the north side of the building.
8. Kirsten and Hannah will take over the care of the community gardens and they will organize via a group email.
-Steve and Abe will get paid for their expenses for building the garden last year.
9. Composting quote: 1-64 gallon cart - $42/month
-The Board decided to try it for 3 months.

April 5, 2010 at 7:00pm
1. Homeowners Forum:
- Ralph brought up increasing the Flood Insurance Coverage because his
Citibank Mortgage required it.
- Beverly requested approval for a Direct TV antennae/service. The
Board agreed to the antennae as long as it is not installed on the roof.
2. Board approved March 2010 minutes
3. Treasurer’s Report:
4. Management Report:
5. Delintz quote/Monster vac quote: the Board decided to get the dryer vent/ducts
cleaned out.
6. 75% of work order billings are paid from homeowners.
7. Community Garden: Hannah has not contacted anyone – no new developments
8. Water conservation: send out website address to homeowners for water smart
rebate from the City of Boulder.
9. Management will put a notice on all the bulletin boards regarding propane tank
10. Meeting adjourned 8:15pm.

May 4, 2010 at 7:00pm
7:00 pm meeting called to order
1. Homeowners Forum
- Beverly's satellite dish went on the roof. Dish Network has a guarantee that it will not leak.
- Jude proposed approval for cork flooring in Unit 13C to replace carpeting. Board gave "unofficial approval". Jude will write up a formal unit modification form and submit via
2. President's report - none
3. Treasurer's report -
- The budget is on track with Insurance Escrow
4. Management Report -
- Dryer vents were cleaned
- Plumbing problems in Bldg E - gunk coming into the bathtub and sink. Garvin Plumbing came to fix it at midnight.
5. Old business -
- Flood Insurance has been increased
6. New Business -
- City Boiler Inspections are complete - repairs are necessary
- Sharon's List: handed out for discussion
- Monthly maintenance calendar will be implemented
7. Meeting Adjourned - 7:51pm

Monday June 7, 2010
Recorded by Lorna because Jude was absent
Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Homeowners’ Forum: Letter from Sharon to Mike reminding us of the hole in asphalt in west parking, cracked hall window, lack of landscaping on south-east corner.

President’s Report: Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer will be forwarding HOA members an updated account of financials. Jude and Lorna will be check signing during Abe’s absence. Treasurer suggests transfer of funds leaving $1000.00 balance in regular checking. Approved.

Management Report: Mike will respond to Sharon’s complaints. He will look into cost of landscaping rock for south-east corner.

Old Business: Steve tried to contact Bob Peck for key to pool gate. Both Steve and Abe volunteered to cut lock off.

New Business:  Steve brought up the topic of landscaping. It was suggested that we look into affordability of having all property trees trimmed for safety and health of the trees.

Meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM

August 3, 2010
Meeting called to order at 7:00pm
Board members present: Lorna, Steve, Abe, Jude
Management: Mike
Homeowner: Barbara

Meeting to Order:
-approval of June minutes

President's report: Steve is selling his place and may not be here

Treasurer's report:
- On track for paying flood insurance

Old Business:
- Ralph needs a copy of the flood insurance covering his unit. The additional coverage is paid but the company has not provided us with this documentation.
- Landscaping is completed on the front corner.
- Mike now has authority to sign checks in addition to everyone currently on the board.

New Business:
- Pod storage: Ralph's property is on the market and he has a POD in his parking spot. It's okay with the Board.
- Lighting in West parking lot - discussion regarding brighter lights.? Abe will investigate.
- Sharon donated patio furniture for the pool area.
- Jude will dispose of junk table in pool area.
- Winnie brought a refund check to the Board dated June 2006. Mike will follow-up with a phone call.

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm

Alpine Condominiums HOA Meeting
Wed. Sept. 8, 2010 at 7:00pm

1. Homeowners Forum -
- Sprinklers not working in certain areas?
- Trip hazard at door in Building D
- Homeowner requested that cardboard boxes be removed from

2. August 2010 minutes approved

3. President's report: none

4. Treasurer's report:
- Flood Insurance was paid.

5. Management Report:
- Sharon's patio furniture is on loan.
- Old rebate check - Mike checked and company is out of business.

New Business:
- Sharon's suggestions mailed to Mike
  - requested additional laundry room added
  - Mike needs Board approval for Xcel rebate boiler inspections by end of Sept. 2010 - Board approved
  - New snow removal contract - approved by Board

New owner in B - David Stuart - unit modification submission
 - new paint, carpet in bedrooms, new windows - need to be beige, wood floors not okay but he can install cork.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:30pm

Alpine Condominiums HOA Meeting
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 7:00 P.M.

Board Members present:
Abe Lee, Treasurer
Lorna McClanahan, Vice-President

Steve Bein is no longer a homeowner at Alpine Condominiums. Lorna McClanahan,
Vice-President was nominated and elected to replace him as President. Lorna took
the meeting minutes because Judith Herr was absent.

Homeowners Forum
Barb requested that the dates for future HOA meetings be posted in all hallways as
the day has been changed to the second Wednesday of every month. Mike said that
he would take care of this. Mike will also send out notices of the Alpine Condo HOA
annual meeting to take place next month.

President’s Report: None

Treasurer’s Report
Abe gave figures for operating, capital improvement, and reserve accounts. He
reported that insurances payments are up to date. Abe suggested a transfer of
$8500 from the operating account to reserve account. Mike and Abe agreed to
discuss this in the near future as well as the possibility of adding to the CD account.

Management Report
Old Business:
Mike reported that the boiler inspection was completed on 10/26/10 including one
minor repair. He is waiting for the bill for this.

New Business:
A. Mike received correspondence from Sharon Bolsinger about several of her
- The fence on 19th Street needs to be solidly repaired. Mike will get Randy on it.
- There is a window open and a light on in unit H-24. Mike will contact the realtor.
- Mattresses, furniture, bikes, etc. stored in the basement area by residents are
safety hazards. Mike will send out a notice to all residents to remove their items.

B. The new owner of unit F30 asked for the Association’s permission to install new
windows and sliding door. This was approved under the condition that the window/
door frame color be cream.

C. Mike presented a Preliminary Budget for 2011, which foresees no increase in
HOA dues. However, as the costs of water, utilities, landscaping, maintenance, etc.
continue to rise, he suggests adding a $5 charge to each homeowner’s monthly
utility bill. Abe suggested that adding $5 per month to HOA dues would be another
way to meet increased costs and to help grow the association’s reserve funds.
D. Mike provided Lorna with keys that might open the main telephone room in
Building H for an inspection by Qwest. A new lock will be installed if needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Alpine Condominiums Annual Homeowners Meeting
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 7:00 P.M.

Homeowners present:

Lorna McClanahan, Valerie Broteslande, Barry and Deborah Ross, Joan and Bob Peck, Barbara Kuljui, Abe Lee, Judith Herr, David Stewart

Meeting called to order by acting president, Lorna McClanahan. Lorna is the acting president since Steve Bein sold his condo and left the HOA board.

Treasurer's Report:

- Abe presented the major projects/expenses that were undertaken in 2010 - put $$$ into reserves. The HOA has added $14,000 to the reserves this year. The biggest expense was the Flood Insurance increase to 32k. The Board is optimistic that City of Boulder will be ready for FEMA to redo the flood zoning in the next year or so and that our Flood Insurance will be decreased.
- Dues will be increased approximately $5/unit per month for 2011 to keep on track with the increased Flood Insurance price.
- Upcoming major expenses that the HOA is saving for include: replacing the roof; updating the landscaping with more xeriscape to reduce future water needs; repaving the parking lot and paint the interior.

Board of Directors Vote:
New Board members for 2011 will be:
Lorna McClanahan, Abe Lee, Beverly Carter, Valerie Broteslande and David Stewart

Homeowners Forum:
- The homeowners present were satisfied with this year's projects and maintenance, and the Board's suggestions for improving the complex in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.